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L'Agence M • The crush has no more secrets with l'agenceM

Committed, passionate and efficient, our agency puts all its heart into making your project... a reality. Our team works only in exclusivity, gives you the best visibility and asserts your interests in any situation.

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our agency puts all its heart into making your project... a reality.

L'Agence M • committed


Our agency is founded on passion and commitment: available and meticulous, our agents make your interests their first priority!

L'Agence M • passionate


Our agency does not mince words nor its work: the heart we put to work goes hand in hand with honesty and transparency.

L'Agence M • efficient


Our agency shows proactivity and creativity, even when a difficulty arises: our agents always find the appropriate solutions.



aude@lagencem.immo 06 50 00 41 52 06 50 00 41 52

Experienced, persuasive and hardworking, Aude is passionate about real estate and does not believe in chance: after several years in an agency, she successfully created her own agency.

L'Agence M • Portrait d Aude



contact@lagencem.immo 07 71 88 23 52 07 71 88 23 52

Responsive and organized, Audrey puts her knowledge and skills at the service of the agency as an assistant, after 4 years of experience as a sales agent.

L'Agence M • Portrait d Audrey


Commercial agent

greg@lagencem.immo 06 64 27 63 01 06 64 27 63 01

Determined, serious and rigorous, Greg has many strings to his bow and has chosen real estate to combine passion and success: he knows exactly how to make your project a success!

L'Agence M • Portrait de Grégory


Commercial agent

yannick@lagencem.immo 06 26 11 56 85 06 26 11 56 85

Kind and attentive, Yannick is the Agence M's quiet strenght. Both persistent and meticulous, his passion and profession mastery are indeniable.

L'Agence M • Portrait de Yannick


Commercial agent

maxime@lagencem.immo 06 67 37 86 91 06 67 37 86 91

Dynamic, passionate and empathetic, Maxime has a big heart and knows how to combine seriousness, perseverance and humour for your greatest pleasure.

L'Agence M • Portrait de Maxime


Commercial agent

seb@lagencem.immo 07 53 40 23 59 07 53 40 23 59

Curious and perfectionist, Seb is a real estate, renovation and decoration enthusiast: he will assist you with confidence, serenity and transparency throughout your project.

L'Agence M • Portrait de Sébastien


Whether you want to buy or sell, our primary goal is to create a crush that satisfies you: our agency breaks away from traditional real estate brands, works only in exclusivity, gives you the best visibility and promotes your interests in any situation. Our young, chic and modern agency is founded on the heart, symbolizing the passion of our agents: the heart constitutes the essence of our vision of life, of our way of working and our desire to make your experience an unforgettable moment, like a real estate... crush.


our estimation

Our estimation is based on our current knowledge of the property, as well as the targeted real estate market, and has the sole purpose of informing you of the estimated ideal market value at which we believe the sale can be concluded.

L'Agence M • Estimation Prix rapide

quick sale estimation

We define our estimation taking into account a price attractiveness if you want to sell quickly, while keeping the optimal market price. This estimation would lead to a sale surely faster than normal in the area of your property.

L'Agence M • Estimation Prix lente

slow sale estimation

We define our estimation taking into account an additional margin if you are not in a hurry to sell, in order to try to obtain the best price possible. This estimation would lead to a much longer than normal sale in the area of your property.

sale process

our properties find buyers very quickly, and most often, without any negotiation!

We owe our success to our market in-depth knowledge and our promotion strategy, thanks to our home staging, our professional photos and maximum publicity through our actions in the area (flyers, open house, etc.) and digital (on dedicated platforms and social networks), in order to enhance all their strengths and optimize their market value.

L'Agence M • Rencontre


to get to know each other and understand your project

L'Agence M • Estimation


through a visit to estimate the right price for your property

L'Agence M • Diagnostics


to establish the property energy performances

L'Agence M • Contrat


of our official mandate to be able to sell your property

L'Agence M • Shooting


of your property with our professional pictures

L'Agence M • Mise en vente

up for sale

by the publication of the property advert

L'Agence M • Diffusion


of your property to all our partners and networks

L'Agence M • Visites


with the potential buyers we have selected

L'Agence M • Coup de coeur


made possible thanks to our expertise!

L'Agence M • Offres


of serious all buyers for your property

L'Agence M • Validation


of the ideal offer selected and validated

L'Agence M • Compromis


with the buyer following its offer validation

L'Agence M • Suivi notarial

notarial follow-up

in collaboration with involved notary(ies)

L'Agence M • Vente


of your property, thanks to our expertise and dedication...

L'Agence M • Recommandation


to your friends, whom we will be happy to help!

looking for the agency that will sell your property?

We find crushes... and we create them too! You want to sell ? Our team will find you the perfect buyer.


looking for a crush?

Our team is available to find the best property, and present you... your crush! Our agents are very responsive, passionate and involved, and believe that each person always has an ideal property that matches to them.

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